Advancing Your Addiction Center With Technology

Per Wickstrom is the CEO and founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation, Choices Recovery and A Forever Recovery in Battle Creek, Michigan. Per Wickstrom is a great entrepreneur since he understands the clients needs and wants therefore he is able to give his clients everything and help them recovery faster and more efficiently than most rehabilitation centers. You may ask why and the answers is simply because Per Wickstrom himself was once in rehabilitation. In his youth he abused drugs after a tough break up with his girl friend that left him for his best friend. Per Wickstrom mentioned it started with his first beer at the age of fourteen and then after a couple years lead to more severe drugs such as marijuana then followed by even harder drugs than that.

Per Wickstrom has a very successful rehabilitation center in general but he also uses an online landing page and uses the online customer cycle but in person as a reference. To start, an online landing page is used to have the individuals basically land on the page and be able to sign up from there. So for example, Per Wickstrom can use this as sign up page for his rehabilitation centers. It is easy access for the individual seeking drug recovery to sign up for help. Then there is even an online customer cycle idea that he uses and this technique is just to keep them motivated and interested in his rehabilitation techniques during their recovery. How this works is that Per Wickstrom’s clients would sign up or get more information on the rehab centers, then Per Wickstrom and everyone working at these rehabs would enforce the fact that rehabilitation actually works and Per Wickstrom would tell them about his experience, then after this they would sign up and figure out whether they want to be an in or outpatient and exactly how long they wish to undergo recovery. After their recovery is finished, you keep them as a company advocates basically by having them talk to others about their rehab story and where they pursued their recovery. This is how you keep your customers loyal, by giving them a great updated and comfortable building and constantly having them give feedback. Caring about their recovery should be the first thing on your mind and not caring about how much profit you make.