It’s better to get pump repairs rather than replacement?

You open the key and do not get a drop of water, tests on the pipe coming from the street and there is liquid out there …. Keep quiet and do not listen to the bomb … chances are you have a problem. And what to do in that situation? There will be some who prefer to call the plumber, but others will try to find the fault first, before requesting help from the expert.

Aggregates, feeding pure water are: surface, installed at some distance from the source of water, and the absorption occurs through the intake hose or rigid pipe. Water can suck from the depths of up to 9 meters. Here are some instances when you will need water pump repair Singapore:

Check resistance

If a well pump fails, the problem could be largely of an electrical nature. Find the cables that feed the pump motor and any other components it uses.

Check for obstructions

Another common problem with well water pumps is that they clog. Sludge and sediment can reach the wells, especially if they have defects in their design. Other types of debris may fall from the access openings at the top of the well. This mud and associated debris can be trapped in the pipe leading between the well and the pump. It may also clog the bottom of the pressure control switch. Owners can blow air through the pipe to clear the blockage, or simply replace the pipe with a new version.

Check for leaks

Leaks can occur at well water pump valves and gaskets. If you notice that your pump has to work harder than before to pump the same amount of water, or if you notice that the water pressure in your house is gradually disappearing, you could have a leak at the pump. You should try this with a visual examination of it. Unless you’re an expert, dealing with a loss of the bomb you should probably leave it to a professional.

Consider problems with the engine

If the pump motor seems to stop moving frequently or restarts, the motor space may not be large enough to dissipate the heat, which leads to overheating of the motor. This problem occurs in newly constructed wells where insufficient space has been made to accommodate the engine, or the engine has been installed on the ground, far from the effect of cooling the water.

Motor impellers can also be blocked and clogged with debris, which can be cleaned to solve the problem. The motor may overheat if it is running continuously or if it is switched on and off at short intervals. These may not be problems with the engine itself, but with the components, such as the pressure tank. To save the engine, you must check if the pressure tank is working properly, and make sure that there are no leaks in the system.

If following these tips, your pump does not work; you will have to call a plumber who may recommend you change your pumping equipment to a new one, but remember that if it is of good quality, you probably have repairs. Should you invest in a new water pump or repair it? That will depend on your budget and patience.