4 Ways to keep you Data Clean

The Telemarketing game is an interesting and extremely competitive one. So you can imagine my surprise
when I discovered a Telemarketing Company offering up articles, advice and discussion which could ultimately
help competitors in the race to be number one.
Zone Marketing, who offer excellent services, including these great discussion points within their articles
section, have explored all kinds of topics and challenges relating to the Telemarketing world and even offer a
“How To…” video series.
Most recently, Zone have published an article relating to Data Cleansing Services . Which initially made me
think of some sort of digital purification procedure similar to that of The Matrix. Their digital marketing manager
goes on to talk about the benefits of this specific service and offers up 4 tips in which you can better achieve
“Clean Data”.
The first point they look at suggests that the staff turnaround can be frequent and so you should prepare to
speak to some new each time, or if you are a telemarketing company, do something different to keep hold of
your staff or introduce a way in which a high staff turnover wouldn’t affect the quality of work delivered! If a
client builds a solid relationship with one of your employee’s that could be hugely beneficial to your company…
unless they leave and then you could easily be up the creek. So keeping them seems like the best solution.
Their second point looks at how rapidly we are collecting data and the knock on effect of huge amounts of
data. I found this quite interesting and actually quite encouraging economically speaking.
Thirdly they touch on suggesting that your data needs to be clean to increase productivity. Any patchy or
corrupt data will add to the stress of the employee, slow them down and ultimately contribute to them
potentially leaving and going elsewhere.
Finally, they look at how, many companies collect vasts amount of excellent data but the majority of it is left to
collect dust and ultimately is then no good to anyone. Zone suggest a way in which you can stay on top of this
to prevent this from becoming a repetitive issue.
It seems to me that not only are they suggesting what could be considered ‘good practice’ within the
Telemarketing community but also ways in which you can keep both the client and employee happy. Both very
valuable in this day and age.
Zone have many other interesting articles which are worth a read so I’d encourage you to check them out for