5 Tips on How to Choose a Baby Stroller

When it comes time to buy a baby stroller in Singapore parents have a lot of questions. Today variety of the baby strollers is really wide. They differ in size, type, weight and color. Some baby strollers are supplied with additional accessories. In this article we are going to give you 5 useful tips for choosing the most suitable baby stroller.

Tip #1 First of all, think about weight of the stroller. How will you transport your stroller? Do you have a car? Well, if you have a car you can purchase a heavy stroller. Basic weight of any heavy stroller can be around 8 kilograms. They are more stable than the light strollers. If you do not have own car you will need to choose among lighter strollers. Lightweight strollers are around 4 kilograms. There are many umbrella type strollers, which are very convenient in transportation, for example Peg Perego strollers.

Tip #2 Here is the next question you will need to answer before buying the stroller. Do you purchase the stroller for a boy or a girl? Usually, boys are more active than girls so they need more space. Girls will like smaller, but bright strollers. Designers of modern strollers are very creative. They produce really cute strollers for boys and girls.

Tip #3 Choose the baby stroller relying on your budget. How much money are you ready to spend on one of the most important product for your baby? It is not a toy or clothes. Your baby will seat and sleep in the stroller during a long period of time. It means that you should buy a good stroller from famous brand. The price for the strollers varies from $200 to $500 and higher. It depends on many factors.

Tip #4 When you choose the baby stroller, consider the ability to add an additional seat. Possibly you will need this seat if you have elder kids. Small kids become tired of walking very quickly, so the additional seat will help you to walk with two babies.

Tip #5 And the last issue to consider when choosing the stroller is number of kids in your family. For how many babies do you plan to buy the stroller? If you have twins or triplets, definitely, you will not do without a special type of stroller. Many manufacturers offer nice models for twins. In spite of the large size, such strollers are very compact during travelling. For example, the stroller for twins from Maclaren weights around 10 kilograms.

In conclusion, consider other moments before you buy the stroller, like size of the wheels, additional accessories, ability to recline the seat and so on. Also, read the reviews of other moms and dads. The chosen stroller should be suitable not only for your baby but also for you. If you have any additional questions, please address them to our consultants. We can professionally serve you and help to choose a compact baby stroller from local or foreign brands.