6 Imperative Questions To Probe Before Purchasing A Condo in Singapore

In Singapore, the condo real estate market continues to grow because more buyers look for a simplified lifestyle along with nearby facilities. If you have been thinking of purchasing a condominium and there is an upcoming project in the neighborhood before the prices start to increase.

Popular condos in Singapore like Tengah EC offer you an affordable opportunity to live in the admired locality and enjoy attractive amenities. Before Tengah EC price began to increase, you can get your bookings done and enjoy living in a prime location.

However, before you purchase a condominium in Singapore, you need to ask some questions that are stated below:

Who is the developer?

When looking for a condominium seriously, you must know who is the developer. You must also investigate the developer’s previous project, his work, vision as well as the market situation.

In case, you want to buy a condo in Tengah then the reputation of the Tengah Garden EC developer, its market position, and vision are going to reveal everything about the quality of the condominium.

What is the total number of units present in the complex?

Keep one thing in your mind, how much you need to pay overall is impacted by the number of units. When there are fewer units, you require to pay a high percentage at the time of repairs and improvements done to the complex.

How old is a condo?

After knowing the age of the condo you are planning to purchase, it is quite easy to know what all can be expected about the security, furniture, structure, and several other things.

A young real estate will offer you the chance to enjoy contemporary as well as a secured condominium. In Singapore, you can find modern condos equipped with all the facilities including a recreational center, swimming pool, spa, gym, and several other things.

What does the insurance cover?

It is important for you to get a copy of the condo association’s insurance policy. You must look out for what all is covered along with the cost to bring the building up to code. Make sure that the estimate to rebuild are true and not outdated or minimized.

If you find the policy to be confusing then bring a copy to your personal insurance agent and get everything cleared.

Are there any restrictions on occupancy or ownership?

When it comes to having your own condo in Singapore, you must ask this question as it related to your freedoms. You must know if there are any restrictions on the ages or the number of occupants permitted and ownership of pets.

Is the property affected by noise and pollution?

It is always better to buy a condo that is free from unwanted noise and pollution, ensuring a high standard of living.

So, before you consider purchasing a condominium, make sure to ask these important questions.