7 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Website

Whatever your reasons for building a website, I want to believe that one of them was never for it to sit pretty with people clicking in and out without doing anything. When people visit your site, you want them to get something out of that visit. Maybe you need them to visit your restaurant, attend your sales launch, or try out your newest supermarket outlet, and you need your website to help you towards that end.

More Leads On Your Website

Your sole purpose as a business is to convert these visits to sales, ergo revenue. How then do you do that? How do you generate more leads from your website?

Here are 7 powerful tools that you can use to generate more leads from your website:

  1.    The power of a fabulous website

This is where it all begins; your website is the tool you will use to generate leads. Make it fabulous. It must be up to par. It must have a great design. It is imperative that the content be great. Create a great website with Novage Communications in Singapore and you have an effective tool that will do the work for you.

  1.    The power of SEO

People will visit your website if they are able to find you when they search for you. It is that simple. Nothing makes you visible in the internet world better than Search Engine Optimization tools. Incorporate SEO tools, and search engines will lead traffic to you. Increase in traffic will translate to more leads, more sales, more revenue and voila!

  1.    The power of Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you keep tabs on where you are, what you need to do, and where you need to be. By evaluating conversion rates from site visits to leads, you place yourself in a better position to spot and analyze where changes need to be done.

One lead can always get you many more. Through Google Analytics, you are able to identify where the leads originate from and figure out how to convert that valuable lead into a couple more leads.

  1.    The power of a clear ‘Call to Action’

Do not make your leads stumble around unsure of what to do next, because a moment of uncertainty might cost you.

Give a clear and outstanding call to action: Clear in the sense that there is no ambiguity, and outstanding in the sense that it grabs and holds the attention of the readers.

You might want to throw in an incentive just to persuade your leads to take that step. A call to action to ‘Fill the form below and stand a chance to win a free coupon’ is more enticing than a simple ‘Please fill the form below’

  1.    The power of optimized images

Do not lose leads because of slow-loading images on your website.

People have important things to do with their time and waiting for a website that takes forever to load is not necessarily one of those things. A slow loading website, equals a frustrated lead, equals no conversion.

Optimized images will afford you a smaller file size, optimum visual quality and faster loading speed.  What’s not to love!

  1.    The power of positive feedback

Feedback from satisfied customers can be a great boost to gaining more leads. Include this feedback in your website sidebar and you will earn the trust of first time consumers or even sway the fence-sitters to your side.

  1.    The power of sales information

Use what you already have – your sales report – to gauge the way forward. Find out; who are your customers?  What are their preferences? Where are they located? Such information will provide hints on which areas to target in your quest to generate more leads.