Are Schaumburg Police Properly Handling Heroin Overdoses?

One of the greatest problems in Illinois, in Chicago, and in the area of Schaumburg specifically is that of drug abuse, drug addiction, and substance abuse in general. In fact, internal police records obtained by local news stations investigated and eventually showed that Schaumburg Police has been falling down on the job in a very big way when it comes to preventing, stopping, and reversing the trend of heroin use and abuse in the city and the surrounding areas too.

When it comes to substance abuse in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas, prevention is key because it is the young adult population of the area that has been getting in the most trouble when it comes to drug abuse and alcohol abuse. This is particularly troubling because it is the young adults that lose their lives the most easily from drug and alcohol use and abuse.

Unfortunately, alcohol overdose is on the rise, showing a fifty percent increase between 1999 and 2009. Sadly, the most highly increased area of alcohol use and abuse in the nation has been witnessed in teen and young adult alcohol abuse, whether it has appeared as daily drinking or as binge drinking. On top of those statistics, alcohol isn’t only harming the user, with 10,228 deaths in 2010 stemming from drunk-driving vehicular accidents that more often than not the deaths of someone else, not the drunk driver.

When we hear all these incidents about drug accidents and incidents, its extremely sad because these could’ve all been prevented if the individual abusing the drug got referred to a drug rehab Schaumburg. There are many Chicago drug rehabilitation centers that all serve the same service of helping a drug addict recover from their everyday drug consumption. It would most likely never be possible to stop drug consumption in the Schaumburg area but possible to reduce it with the available drug rehab facilities Washington state. Drug addiction demographics keep changing in the are of Chicago.

How the Face of Addiction is Changing

The demographics of those who have been abusing drugs and alcohol have been changing quite a bit of late. While many are of the opinion that drug abuse is a problem for the poor, lazy or desolate, statistics show to us now that the abuse of certain drugs is increasing among unlikely demographics like non-urban dwellers too. One specialist on it has to say that, “The typical heroin user is a middle-class suburban dweller who started off with prescription painkillers.” No longer is it just the poor, the lower class, and even the working class that are the ones abusing drugs and alcohol. Now, it is the middle class and the average Americans that are most at risk by far.

Underage drinking is a rampant issue in the United States today. Truthfully, approximately 199,429 of 2009’s emergency room visits were among youths and young adults under the legal drinking age of 21. Of those individuals, 76,918 were for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17. This is an issue now that is far more severe than it ever has been in the past. True enough, underage drinking is something that the nation has always had to contend with to some degree, but not the issue is essentially out of the ballpark from what anyone ever expected would come of it.

When it is all said and done, the above facts and statistics show a much bigger problem at hand and that is that drug and alcohol addiction and abuse is on the rise in very, very, very big way in the entire country. Schaumburg is one of the top cities in the state of Illinois when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse, and it is because of simple truths like this that make it even more important that the resident of this general area and place seek out rehabilitation and recovery if they are addicted and that the police of the area work as hard as possible to try and stop the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol in their city.