Armored Fiber Optical Jumpers

Armored fiber optical jumpers

Ordinary fiber optical jumpers generally have some troubles in the cabling operation under harsh environments. For instance, bigger space required for cabling as ordinary fiber optical jumpers are in the protection of corrugated sleeves; The transmission performance of ordinary fiber optical jumpers is easily affected by external environment like raining, damaged by rats and low temperature; Ordinary fiber optical jumpers are easily damaged after a long time using. With so many inconveniences, armored fiber optical jumpers are widely put into use instead of ordinary ones. Here Cozlink gives very useful knowledge about armored fiber optical jumpers.

Introduction about Armored fiber optical jumpers

Armored fiber optical jumper, refers to a kind of cable in which the fibers are protected by a layer of stainless steel sheathing tube, and then a PVC fire layer is covered on the tube. Armored fiber optic jumpers have the features of high tensile, compression resistance, anti-fire, anti-moisture, and anti-rats, are mostly applied to residential areas, outdoor places and computer room, building internal transmission.


Structure of armored fiber optic jumpers

  1. Micro-caliber stainless steel hose is capable to prevent the damages caused by mechanical force as the protective layer closest to the optical fibers.
  2. Fiber optical jumpers contain imported Kevlar fiber, Kevlar fiber has a permanent heat-resistant flame retardant, permanent anti-static, acid and alkali resistance, high strength and high wear resistance.

3. High-strength PVC is flame retardant, chemical corrosion, tear resistance and also increase the flexibility and flexibility of armored fiber optical jumper as the surface material.


Advantages of armored fiber optic jumpers

  1. High tensile, rodent control.
  2. Applicable to most areas of world with operating temperature at -45~85°C.
  3. More tenacity, the construction of the armored fiber jumper is more convenient and in less damage.
  4. Easy to install, and capable to use in harsh environments.
  5. Durable, can reduce future maintenance costs.
  6. To prevent damage caused by improper bending.


It is known that ordinary fiber optic jumpers are easily damaged by animals, bad weather and acidic materials, which often caused more costs in maintenance and management. For armored fiber optic jumpers, they not only keep all the advantages, but also made special improvements in the structure and designs to successfully live with harsh environments, which are concluded as a cost-effective product with strong adaption, high pressure resistance and low cost by people.

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