Best sports to fight cellulite

The orange peel just does not go away, and summer is coming. The desire to play sports, to move, to be outdoors and get back on form there: why not take advantage and choose their own physical activity that would allow us to dissolve or improve our cellulite?

Here are the most effective sports to reshape the silhouette, becoming more toned and reducing cellulite, since it increases energy expenditure in basal metabolism.

First, “move” means not only sports but also make movements every day, throughout the day, for example, already taking the stairs, walking, riding the bicycle to move or broom instead of the vacuum cleaner to clean are of forms of movement. To combat cellulite, however, there are the most suitable physical activities because they go right to intervene in critical areas.


Swimming allows you to solicit the muscles of the torso, legs and arms constantly and to improve the overall blood circulation; keeping a good pace you can burn 200 to 500 calories, and being overweight is still a problem or obstacle to the sport, as the water makes its lighter body by 80%! The water will produce a lymphatic massage effect and also the uncomfortable feeling of having heavy legs will disappear. Start with 2 sessions per week of 30 minutes trying to do 500 meters; style changed as well and slowly, improving endurance and breathing, able to also increase the distances made.

Nordic walking and skiing

Nordic walking is definitely for more adventurous souls, is walking with poles, similar to cross-country skiing, which moves and sculpts all muscles of the body and helps to burn lots of calories (600 kcal / hour), improving breathing. The sticks are used to balance the effort evenly over the entire body and release muscle tension in the shoulders and neck. Starting with 2 sessions per week of 45 minutes will take confidence with this sport and you can then increase the frequency and intensity, thanks to the training done.

If you want to lose weight fast enjoying it, you should also try skiing. You can’t afford buying a pair of ski? Don’t worry, you can rent it for less money on this website.


If you love the gym instead, add the usual squats, lunges and various equipment, an aerobic workout at least twice a week (biking, running, walking uphill, etc), you need to burn fat and calories in order to fight cellulite.

Water aerobics

The water aerobics allows you to do gymnastics to music, in groups, having fun and while the water massages the whole body. It ‘very effective activity and lose about 400 calories an hour ago since it goes to act on many muscles that are not used, and tones the abdominal. It would be ideal to follow 2 or 3 lessons per week, 45 minutes each to get visible results, especially remodeling of body lines.


The hydrobike is spinning in the water (is also called aquabiking) and allows you to firm up your thighs is that your arms. It ‘a complete sport, great if you want to get results quickly and perfect for those with weight problems or circulation, very attached cellulite. In an hour they will burn 700 kcal and even the cardiorespiratory system has significant benefits: always follow 2 to 3 sessions per week of 45 minutes each.