Cockroaches and how to get rid of them

Cockroaches are not uncommon in apartments; they especially love our kitchens. These insects do not know the division into statuses, they settle in a communal apartment, and in a dorm room, and in well-groomed apartments, they can also look into the country houses of wealthy owners.


Cockroaches very easily settle down in a new home, but how do they get there? Conventionally, there are three ways of entry of insects:

  • Cockroaches live in this dwelling for so long that it is simply not possible to determine the path of penetration;
  • Insects can independently come to your apartment from neighbouring apartments, even located on different floors. If one cockroach comes, others will surely find this path;
  • Cockroaches were brought to the house with various purchases, especially their household appliances are attracted as a means of delivery. They really like medium and large household appliances with heating elements, where there is heat and you can always hide: microwave ovens, refrigerators, electric and gas stoves, washing machines.


The refrigerator can be one of the main habitats for cockroaches. This large household appliance is located in a corner or in a special niche in the kitchen. This device is never moved, it can stand in one position for a long time. And if we take into account a warm, constantly running compressor or several of them in modern versions of refrigerators, and even condensation formed during cooling, then all these factors are simply ideal for the life of cockroaches.

If cockroaches are found in the kitchen, move the refrigerator, and you will definitely see clouds of uncleaned dust along with the waste products of insects: dead carcasses, faeces and dried eggs.


If cockroaches are found in the refrigerator or there is a suspicion of their existence, it is urgent to take precautions and start removing them.

If the number of insects found is small, it is necessary to thoroughly vacuum and rinse all accessible places. Pest control experts carry out these procedures several times to be sure that there are no insects. Also, it is advisable to purchase a means for killing cockroaches, and handle the refrigerator yourself from the back.

If you find a large number of insects or their nests, self-processing of the refrigerator may not bring the desired result and cockroaches will spread throughout the house. Therefore, in such cases, Pest control management specialists recommend seeking professional help for the complete destruction of cockroaches.

These professionals will treat the refrigerator with a special disinfectant sprayed by the generator. When killing insects, two methods are used: hot and cold fog. In the first option, a stream of hot air is created, into which a special solution is injected. Cooling rapidly, the solution condenses in the most inaccessible places where pests are located. In the second option, a room temperature disinfectant is sprayed with a finely dispersed method.

The disinfectant destroys insects, and thanks to the residual effect, cockroaches will forget their way to your refrigerator for a long time.

Famous Pest control companies in Singapore provide a full range of services and some are NEA approved disinfection and sanitation services provider. Their experts will be happy to answer all your questions, you will receive the necessary advice and get rid of annoying insects forever.