Dos and Don’ts of Potty Training a Puppy

When you adopt a puppy or a dog, one of the initial things to be done in house training, which means potty training. The habit of eliminating takes little or more time to get changed, but once you change the habits of your dog and teach him to move as per your comfort, it will be a great experience for you.

The key to house training is successful potty training is due to reinforcement not due to punishment. So how can you potty instruct your dog? And what if you have brought a dog who is not potty trained?

Then, of course, you will have to search for some centers of Potty training for dogsYou can do it by yourself too, but it’s never too specific on the internet and other sources. A trainer will have a personalized approach to your dog. Hence, the results will be more reliable and fast.

How you should potty train a puppy?

On the base guidelines of your dog trainer, you will have to work and train your dog accordingly. Generally, the trainer develops a schedule that can be followed by you and your dog easily. They also guide you to use some peculiar words to symbolize the process of elimination.

Dos of potty training your dog

Use these tips and name your puppy potty trained, before you even know it.

Stick to a feeding schedule

Typically, a minimum of 2 meals is suggested by experts to be given to your dogs. Dogs do eliminate just after eating, so developing a proper schedule for eating and eliminating will avoid accidents in the house.

Take your puppy out often

Puppies under 12 weeks of age have to be taken out after every one to two hours. As of that time, they are still developing their muscle to hold the waste in their body. So, better to take them out after sleeping, playing, eating, and drinking.

Don’ts of dog potty training

Once you have taken help from Dog training private lessons, you will be clear with the conflicts of house training for puppies. Here are some don’ts of potty training of puppies.

  1. Don’t punish rather than giving reinforcement

Some outdated training techniques are used to support the hitting of dogs whenever they make a mistake. But it is never acceptable in a successful methodology of training.

Not following the schedule

If you fail to adhere to a consistent feeding or potty break, it will create confusion for your puppy. Having a dog or a puppy in your house is a big responsibility so you will have to stick to the schedules with them.

Looking for expert advice for you and your dog’s schedule? Get your personalized one and have a presence of an experienced trainer all along with ‘Dog Training’. It is a stage of professionals who can help you to train your doggie with enough skills and activities.

A trained dog is far better than an untrained one hence they work with their full determination to improve the habits of your furry friend and let you live happily and stress-free.