Easy Ways to Simplify Check-In Process in Hotels

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In the hotel industry, the client is referred to as a guest. This shows the type of classy treatment that this guest needs to be given. Every hotel always wants to show their clients that they are special. One of the best ways to do this is by showing the you give immense importance to the valuable time of your guests.

One task that can consume lots of time is the check in and check out process. If the guest is made to feel that he is waiting till eternity then it can create a bad impression about your hotel. At the same time, you cannot take the risk of working inefficiently. You cannot ignore checking the credentials of every client. This is for the safety of all the other guests in your hotel.

So then what is the solution?

The remote check-in system software and the application of selfie check-in can surely simplify things. No this is nothing complicated. It is just a digital way of taking care of the different processes like check in and check out of the guests.

The guest can quickly check into the hotel after a tiring journey by using the remote check-in process. The guest can choose the room remotely. When he arrives in the hotel lobby he can check in really fast. There will no paperwork involved. In some cases, the guest will be given access to the selected room via a digital key. Life will become really easy.

One thing that will come to your mind is about the verification of the credentials of the guest. What if a miscreant takes advantage and enters the hotel? No there is no scope for any such mishap. This is because the hotels can make use of the digital identity function in order to verify the identity of the guest.

When the guest books the room remotely he has to scan and upload identity proof. The authenticity of the identity is verified with the help of the digital identity verification. When the guest arrives at the lobby he has to take pictures of the id proof and a selfie and upload the same. The software will compare it with the identity proof that was uploaded at the time of hotel reservations.

The process of allocating rooms also becomes much easier when you make use of digital software. If a guest wants to change his room at short notice, the system will quickly help your staff in finding out the vacant rooms and they can allocate the rooms to the guest fast. These types of software also make the billing process fast and smooth which helps in making the check out process quicker.

These mobile software are surely helping in saving the time of the guests as well as the hotel staff. Not only for hotels, the same software is also applicable to offices for secure office mobile access. In no way, any compromise is being made with the security of the guests. At the same time it is helping in providing quick service to the guests which in turn helps in creating a good first impression.