Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Living in Singapore

Buying a property is not an easy task, whether you purchase it for residential purposes or the sake of investment. The same thing applies when you buy a condominium in Singapore.

When it comes to luxury condos in Singapore, you can always expect great comfort & elegance that is attained by spending a good amount of money.

A luxury condominium has all the expensive facilities and luxuries that you can think of in your life. However, are a few things that can help you buying the best luxury condominium in Singapore for yourself.

 Where it is located?

To determine whether the condo you are looking to buy is luxury or not, location plays a vital role. A luxury condominium needs to be in a reachable place and should be accessible to residents & visitors easily by public transport, main roads, bike-friendly, and so on.

Also assure that the property is located near all the necessary public amenities like shopping malls, hospitals, schools, gyms, etc.

 Beautiful architectural design

Living in the contemporary age and world-class city in Singapore, remember the architecture of the building reveals a lot about its status. In Singapore, you can find luxury condominiums designed by well-known architecture designers and firms.

Great attention is given not only to the external architecture design of the luxury condos but also to the internal design & landscaping design.

 Amenities offered

In every ordinary condo, you will find elevators, a within-building gym, 24-hours security service. But when it comes to luxury condos in Singapore the amenities offered are also extravagance.

You will have a gym well equipped with all the contemporary training equipment, a sports complex for indoor & outdoor games, a spa, swimming pools, a high-speed elevator that takes straight to your condo, and so on.


The moment your mind hears about the luxury condominium, you start imaging big bedrooms, spacious living rooms, and wide hallways. When buying a luxury condo, size is the most essential factor that must be considered.

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 Social activities in the vicinity

Several people decide to buy condos in Singapore because they love a community lifestyle. In case, you are also one of them then look what all activities and event does the condo management arrange.

It might include different sports & recreational activities like a football tournament for kids, golfing, book clubs, and so on for both children and adults. You can check out the schools around Amber Sea on the official website.

 Comfort of parking 

In almost all luxury condos, you will find huge parking spaces which makes it easy for you to park your 1-2 cars with great ease.

It is often noticed that parking has turned out to be a nightmare in several urban areas and in such areas finding a parking spot is no less than a luxury. However, the best condos always offer ease of parking.

Therefore, if there are no budget constraints then living in a luxury condo is the best option.