Highlighting The Abstract Art Form

The meaning of the word ‘abstract’ is known to all, it means something that can be felt but not seen or touched, but in case of a painting it is something that can be seen and even touched. Then why the name ‘abstract’? With regards to a form of art, abstract refers to something that is not represented as it is in the real world. A thing that is usually not easily comprehensible.

Abstract painting or art is a sort of breaking away from the conventional way of drawing in the real life. However, it should not be mistaken to be a ‘just drop some color and mush it all around’. This sort of painting is something that needs to be studied very closely and intently in order to be able to understand its real meaning.

Created at the cusp of the 20th century, abstract art found its best expressions in the works of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning. The works of Jackson are found at the exhibitions of Mark Borghi, the owner of the Mark Borghi Fine Art Gallery. This form of art explores form and color, the two very important elements of painting. It is completely an artist’s discretion as and how he wants to represent his drawing. It does not necessarily have to be a perfect exact representation of the real life. It is in no way a representation of any sort.

Based on the style of abstract art, there could be Dadaism, Surrealism, Fauvism and Cubism. Then there is the Supermatism, Neo-Plasticism, De Stijl and Art Informel. The roots of abstract art lie in the Post-Impressionism, which was an art movement in the early 20th century. In those days the painting was made in such a way that it could be the image of a face but it would be created using planes and angles.

There is one technique known as the Pointillism that is the use of points to create an abstract art. This was done by Georges Seurat. Among the other mention worthy names of abstract artists would be Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian who lived in Germany, he used a lot of form and color in his art form. Vincent van Gogh, is another renowned name in the world of abstract art who employed light and color in his work largely. His art work showing the light dancing on fields and meadows was a treat to the eyes of the viewer.

The ever so famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso has done complete justice to the genre of abstract art with his contribution in the development of Cubism. This form of abstract involved the rampant use of angles and planes arranged in a way that vaguely looked like people and more like geometry. Surrealism was carried forward by Man Ray.

This form of art that is now considered as fine art can be found in the galleries of Mark Borghi in New York City, Palm Beach and Bridgehampton. He is a lover of fine arts and promotes the same through the absolutely enlightening exhibitions that are rich in art.