Home renovation tips for Novice

Renovating home seems to be personally rewarding process but usually comes with stress, freight and frustration. Depending upon your budget, skills and inclination, some might prefer to get DIY while others take the smarter route by choosing the professional designers. Here are some renovation tips for those who are not so much professional in this line:

  1. Preparation
  • Move out of your current home until it’s a small job. Renovation processes are dirty, noisy and dusty and it will be hard to live and manage it with a team of workers working on your head day and night.
  • Inform your neighbors in advance about the renovations and redesigning to keep them on your side and prompt them about the future inconveniences.


  1. Research
  • Surf the web for material, appliances, fitting; pick your favorite picture for greater ideas.
  • Draw up your wish list and discuss it with your redesigning team to let them know your preferences.
  • Discuss building and get the households.


  1. Design and Style
  • Keep renovations in character
  • Consider the integrity and architecture of your building
  • Don’t be ambitious or excessively trendy, use colors and designs thoughtfully
  • Collect some sample and play with the combinations; use three colors for large rooms, two for medium and mild colors for small room
  • Think of how you can maximize the space and get the best look
  • No matter how much space you have, you are most likely to want more and thus prioritize the space requirements above all
  • Keep the floor visible as much as possible
  • Lay emphasis on the front exteriors and put money on right place with order of bathroom and kitchen, followed by living.
  • Higher ceilings are always better in multiple ways
  • When you plan anything, decide and consider its impact on the resale value of the property
  • Renovate only when the structure is sound, other it is better to get a new home else where
  • Keep future considerations in mind whether the proposed design will fit into your present and future lifestyle or not!
  • Never overlook the air flow and ventilation process and if possible, design a home where you can see end to end easily!
  • Try to stick with first choices as the more changes you bring later on, the higher the renovation cost will go.


  1. How much to spend?


It totally depends on the size of home as well as renovation. However there is no point in investing a lot in a home if you are going to sell it within a couple of years. Set an affordable yet reasonable budget and plan the amount for each section. You can check out the hdb renovation package to know more details.

  • Spend the money where the water is i.e. kitchen and bathroom.
  • Allow 10% for contingencies.
  • The simpler the house the less expensive the renovation goes
  • Custom made, branded and imported items look lavishing but cost more than local stuff
  • The ultimate key is not to compare too much.


That’s all you will need!