How to Buy Directly From Taobao

For those who aren’t familiar with Taobao should know that many people have been shopping from there and have ditched the local shops now. The reason behind this is simple and that is everything comes from China. Yes, we aren’t kidding, people have been buying from taobao in truckloads and I know to some, this statement isn’t a shocker.

Why Do the People Buy From There?

There is a vast wholesale market in China and it is no surprise that the local shops around the corner of your house stocks from taobao too. We have come to know of some random clothing shops in Singapore that purchases products from there and you can shop literally the entire world there. Today, we are writing this guide to let you know how you can shop from there and whether it will be advantageous if an agent is hired for that purpose or not. The Taobao Sea has also launched now and you can directly shop from there with the use of a credit/debit card or a Visa. Taobao has expanded because we think they have realized that a big number of customers of theirs live in Southeast Asia.

Should You Buy Directly?

Now the matter at hand is, whether, you should directly be buying from Round the Clock Mall and get yourself muddled with all the rules and the laws? The answer is simple and that means that it will be cost-effective and you will be saving on the agent fees, shipping and exchange rates. The only con in our opinion is that with an agent you do not have to worry about the security of your package but when you are on your own, you have to be careful of these things yourself. If you feel more comfortable with an agent, go ahead. The overall amount may not be much dissimilar, depending on how heavy and pricey your items are.

What Will Happen Next?

  1. It is true that buying from taobao is perplexing but infinitely cheaper.
  2. You will have to make your payment two times, one at the checkout time and one when your parcel will be shipped to Singapore for you to receive it.
  3. Once all the payments have been made, wait for your parcel to reach you at your place.
  4. Almost in 12 days your parcel will reach you, depending how fast the courier service is.
  5. Once you get it, buying from taobao will be worth it.
  6. In the end you just need to rate the seller but do realize this that taobao does not take criticism very well.
  7. They reached us to give us good ratings, even if they had to give us payment for it, bribing was at its best there.
  8. However, we enjoyed buying from taobao and look forward to more shopping from there.
  9. We initially gave fewer stars to the products we bought from there but they forced us to remove our rating and put up a good one there at their website.
  10. Just be very alert when shopping from there, as you certainly don’t want to come upon nasty situations.