How To Find a Good Auto Repair and Spare Parts Shop

Your vehicle always require proper attention and service, failing to do so could result in partial or complete damage to one or more of its parts. If the latter happens, you need to consult an auto repair and spare parts shop for which finding the best quality shop among the number of shops offering the similar services is quite a challenge.

Alternator Doesnot Work Well


There are various indications to identify the kind of issue your vehicle is facing. For example if the car does not start or the battery light starts lighting up on the dashboard, there is a huge possibility that the alternator or starter motor of your car has some issue. If you are facing this issue in Singapore, then you will not find an Alternator Repair Singapore shop better than Rotor Auto Electrical Pte Ptd. Not just this, it is also a great Starter Motor Repair shop in Singapore. So, if you see your headlights getting dim or gauges flickering, then you need to immediately take your vehicle to the best Alternator Repair service shop at once.

Car Air-Con Not Cold

Another major problem that most of the cars face is the Car Air-con Not Cold issue. But, you do not need to worry because if your car air-con is not cold or is not blowing out cold air, Rotor Auto has the solution for it as well. The major symptoms for this condition of the car include; poor pressure, no air blow at lower settings, and strange smell emission. So, if your car is experiencing all or any of these issues, it’s time to take it to some expert mechanics who know well how to repair the air-con. With Rotor Auto in town, you do not need to find any other aircon repair center.

With Passion, Performance, and Quality being our motto, we will provide you excellent and quality service for all types of vehicles. Whether it is Alternator Repair or Starter Motor Repair, Car Battery Repair or Car Air-con Not Cold issue, Rotor Auto can provide top-quality services in whole Singapore.

With the extensive years of experience and affordable rates, Rotor Auto is the ultimate choice for any kind of vehicle’s issue. Our alternator repair services are not confined to cars and buses but are also for industrial equipment, forklifts, marine equipment, and for Lorries as well. For any kind of repair or replacement of the auto parts contact Rotor Auto immediately.

If your car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road or if you are facing troubles continuously while starting or driving it, then immediately take your car to the Rotor Auto, where our highly skilled and experienced technicians and mechanics will repair or replace (in case the repairing is not possible) the car parts causing troubles.

For any kind of queries related to the car servicing or car issues, immediately contact us by filling our contact form. Our team will contact you as soon as possible with the best possible solution to your car problems.