Jonathan Schrag – Working Tirelessly to Save the Environment

The world runs on electricity and though the onus is on electric power from coal and fossil fuel, there are other sources available too. But considering the rise in demand for the consumption of fossil fuel, there is a big doubt on the sustainability of power. Scientists have been looking for ingenious ways to supply power and go ahead with drilling the ocean floor or even trying to convert wind, and solar power for electricity.

But while electricity is vital, drinking clean water and breathing fresh air are most important. Since, without these two, human and animal populations would end soon. This is the reason, there are countries signing pacts to protect the environment too, and environmentalists like Jonathan Schrag are doing their best to create awareness. He is doing what any responsible citizen should do – of learning about the environment, and making small changes to make the world healthier.

Environmental concerns that earth is facing now:

It is not news to anyone that the glaciers at Arctic are melting fast and rather too fast for the world to act on it. This is a great concern on the primary level and all the reasons point out to the massive deforestation and desertification of lands in the middle latitudes. Where there was a big expanse of greens around the world, today, there is hardly any. People are cutting down trees to expand cities not just robbing homes of birds and animals in the process but also reducing the green thumbs. Lack of trees and more of vehicles causing higher levels of greenhouse gases have already raised the temperatures across the cities around the world. Every passing year, it is getting worse only and this is a cause of great concern.

Governments around the world are thinking of doing their bit to restrict the construction of more buildings and industries that release harmful gases in the environment. The governments are also trying to reduce the allowance of vehicles on the roads of the cities. But these are not just the only measures.

Even the hunt for fossil fuels is on at a large scale causing greater concerns ahead.

Individual efforts to protect the environment:

Now, it is time for every citizen to act and that too without any further delay. The need to go for protecting the green spaces around the city is possible by any citizen around the world. Forming small environment groups, people are doing their bit to plant more trees and ensure that there are clean beaches and lakes too. In order to increase the number of birds, many groups are planting crops, flowering plants and trees too.

Bumblebee population, which had seen a big dive last year in the US, shall also soon recover owing to the efforts of many individuals. Jonathan Schrag is an individual who knows the value of saving the homes of animals and birds, and does also realize that this work should continue. So he does his best of creating awareness and ensuring that the future generations do their best for the world.