Learning From The Comforts of Your Home

Many students go to classrooms but do not find their subjects interesting enough. They often develop a dislike for the subject. The fault is not in the subject, it is in the teacher that makes the subject boring. It is here that The Great Courses step in to help. You are able to get a number of audio visual educational discs that have been created by subject experts. This makes learning an adventure as the sessions here are engaging and interactive. At the same time, they are considered to be helpful for students who wish to learn the subject at their own pace.

The Great Courses- how did it start?

Thomas Rollins is the man behind the Great Courses. When he was a student of the Harvard Law College in the USA, he had to appear for a very important examination on the Federal Rules of Evidence. He found the subject boring as he never enjoyed the classroom sessions. The Exam was very important to him but he was not interested to read his books. It was at this junction that he came across 10 video tapes of Professor Irving Younger on the subject. He sat in front of the television and watched these video tapes.

His whole approach and attitude towards the subject changed instantly. The concepts were explained in a very witty and engaging manner. The video tapes were informative and by the time he completed watching all the tapes, he was prepared fully for the examination. He appeared for the examination and scored an “A”. He could never forget this life-changing experience and so in order to help other students who faced the same dilemma as he did, he created his own line of Thomas Rollins Teaching videos that are marketed as The Great Courses today!

Great Courses- Modules by “great” teachers

The modules are created by great teachers in the subject field. The student may order them online and have them delivered to their home. They can learn on their own pace and remember the concepts and the information taught. The Great Courses has its own official website where students may log in and check the various courses available. There are sales at least once every year and students are able to get a standard discount till 70% on the prices. Thomas Rollins wants his students to get value for money. You may wonder as why the courses are sold at such a low price. He goes on to say that since the course modules are manufactured at such a massive scale, it is easy for them to keep the inventory costs down. This makes it simple for them to provide sales and help the student save money. The entire team here wants to make learning fun and adventurous- it should never be a burden on the student.

The Thomas Rollins Teaching modules under The Great Courses are becoming very successful across the world. More and more students are using them and they are scoring good grades as learning now is fun for them and not a burden at all!