NFL- Exercise & Food For Better Performance!

Playing for the NFL has been a dream come true for Duval Love. He says that ever since he was a small child, he always aspired to join the NFL and become a successful player. He says that his father played an instrumental role in his life encouraging him to play football.

He says that he has been lucky to be associated with NFL since the last 11 years. His parents have been with him through thick and thin. He has seen both success and failure. He says that in order to get through into the NFL and survive there in the intense competition, it is very important for players to train smartly. They have to train extensively for the strength and speed for the game. This is why he says that when you look at the players today, they are faster, stronger and better. The Duval Love NFL training a decade ago started with basic exercises however with the passage of time the exercise regime has evolved and better more competitive.

There are personal trainers that guide the players so that they are able to balance their bodies and make their core strong. There is a misconception that players generally go soft during the off-season. This is not true. In order to become a successful NFL player, you have to train around the year. There are all sorts of exercises like speed drills and uphill speed ladders that help the player to enhance performance on field. At the same time, the bodies of all NFL players are not the same and there are some players that might have to train extra over others to get proper shape.

Core muscles are essential for active performance of the players. This is the reason why push ups are a must for the players so that they are able to get strong core muscles. This is an exercise that players do daily. There are chain push ups where chains are added in order to provide more weight. This increases the levels of resistance and the performance of the player in the game.

Lunges and squats are a common feature in the NFL training regime. The players customize them as per their needs. Duval Love says that food and nutrition also play a vital role in enhancing the performance of the player on the field. He adds that it is very important for the player to ensure that he has whole foods and vegetables. The meat that is eaten should be grass fed. Before tournaments you even have team managers having a special chef for the players to have the right meals. This helps them receive the right nutrients and energy needed for performing well in the game.

The Duval Love NFL training advice for aspiring players is to ensure that you exercise with dedication and discipline. The right kind of food should be eaten and at the same time you should stay away from any form of addiction like smoking and drinking. You should have the passion for fitness and health. In this manner you are able to join the NFL and become a icon like him!