Paradise in South Pacific, Attractions of New Zealand and Vanuatu


The Republic of Vanuatu is popularly regarded to as an island with a heart. And for good reasons too, home to a glad collection of mountains as well as volcanoes, it is renowned for its scuba spots as well as a ton of tribal traditions. Located at the northern part of New Caledonia, making it conveniently placed between Fiji and Australia. It is known also as the headquarters of world adventure, where long walks along volcanic terrains and mountains can be scheduled. It features the Mount Yasur volcano, and is also home to the mysterious Island of Tanna. It also features a proud collection of blue holes for scuba diving as well as sea caves that oversea the Island of Espiritu Santo. The island is home to the Island of Ambryn as well, which features black magic witchcraft. Port Vila is the capital and is located on the natural beautiful harbor on Efate Island, the starting point of a lot of explorations and trips into the deeper abyss of exposure and adventure that the island offers. Due to the remarkable scenes that make it popular, the island has been voted as one of the happiest places in the world, this is also as a result of the diversity of the culture of its residents, and is regarded as the model of the Pacific. The island has 83 smaller islands that all have unique and captivating sceneries that make them worth exploring.
Besides scuba diving, the island also has land diving on the Pentecost Island which is very popular for its yearly land diving festival. The wildlife includes rainforest habitation that allows beautiful creatures like butterflies and birds, as well as sea that accommodates sea turtles and sea cows called dugong. The fishing traditions of the locals also provides for charter boats for tourists, and in cooperation with the beaches, offers a beautiful site to seek unending adventure.

New Zealand is known to be one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world today. This is not to be an empty claim in any way and the aesthetic significance can only be fully access with a visit to the state of natural wonders. With its capital at Auckland, New Zealand offers any tourist an impressive collection of snow-capped hills, glaciers, fjords and, rainforests rivers filled with a wide school of fishes.
New Zealand has a really breathtaking topography and landscape that makes it the favorite scene of movie makers, who enjoy shooting wonderful sceneries within its alcoves. An example is the famous Hobbiton in J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings which is situated in Auckland. It features Fiordland National Park which serves as a form of protection to one of the most popular and precious sceneries in New Zealand.
The Bay of Islands is recorded yearly as one of the most often visited sites in the country, with more than 144 islands dotting its landscape making it the perfect spot for yachting and sailing. Another point of tourist interest is Queenstown, which is located on South Island. It is strategically located between Lake Wakatipu and the snowy mountains referred to as the Remarkables. It is New Zealand’s most adventurous sites as well as one of its most visited sites by international visitors. It also features Lake Tauppo and the famous Tongariro National Park which are both located in North Island. Tongariro is known to be the country’s largest lake. Rotorua, also located in North Island is known to be one of the most vigorous geothermal zones in the world. The paradise of adventure itself.