Per Wickstrom


Per Wickstrom is a public figure in society today and presently the CEO of the Best Drug Rehabilitation. The story behind why Per Wickstrom chose to have his own rehabilitation center is simple. He previously was involved with drugs and abused them for quite some time due to a hard break up he encountered at a young age. Eventually his drug addiction lead to him hitting rock bottom and he knew that he needed to get help and went to the first available drug rehabilitation center he could find. After being enrolled in this drug rehab center, Per Wickstrom snapped back to reality and became sober again and started to think of what he could do with his life to help others. He started to evaluate his strengths and passions and that is when he knew that he wanted to open his own drug rehabilitation centers and approach treatments through natural and holistic methods. This is what he did, followed by something else called a three step program and ever since his rehab centers have opened, he has been a successful entrepreneur and is extremely proud of what he has achieved due to hard work and determination put into all of this.

When opening a business it is important for the entrepreneur to be interests and passionate about their business in order for it to run smoothly and be effective as a service. For the Best Drug Rehabilitation, it was a stressful business to open in the beginning according to Per Wickstrom, but once you know exactly how you want to approach the treatments at your own rehab and the treatments actually become successful (success is determined based on if the individual has recovered from their substance abuse) then you start to really value what you do as a career. When you use your experience and the knowledge from your previous experiences, relating them in any way to your business is important in order to have success. Per Wickstrom learnt that when a business is more personal it isn’t a hassle to maintain, it is effortless to do what you love. He loves to cure people’s drug addictions and make sure that they have a drug free life, but Per also wants to ensure that all his clients are successful at the end of their recovery. When you have your own drug rehabilitation center, when you think about other people and you put yourself in their shoes, it is easier to make decisions based on their perspective but since Per Wickstrom has been through the same thing, he understands what works and that is why he is such a successful entrepreneur today.