Promoting Drug Rehabilitation Awareness

Per Wickstrom is a public figure in society today and the CEO of many drug rehabs across the United States. His biggest rehab is located in Battle Creek Michigan and it is called the Best Drug Rehabilitation. He also owns Choices Recovery and A Forever Recovery. He is extremely successful being the entrepreneur of these drug rehab centers since he himself has been through drug addiction therefore knows exactly what works and what doesn’t work for the recovery of ones drug addiction. Per Wickstrom says what works best for the recovery of ones drug addiction is doing the recovery process through holistic and natural methods of recovery. If you give a drug addict any prescriptions this is definitely the worst thing possible since some of their clients may have been addicted to prescription drugs in the first place. When an individual joins a drug addiction center, you must first see at what level of addiction they are at, so basically how severe their addiction is then you start healing them physically then mentally. For example, drugs destroy your physical appearance and mental well being therefore you must first get them to take any vitamins they’ve been lacking an put them on a specific diet in order for them to recover themselves physically so that you can start the mental part of recovery.

As you see Per Wickstrom has been through a lot in his youth and is grateful to have the chance to help other individuals too and basically give back. Once he finally recovered from his drug addiction he felt like he needed to give back to the world one hundred percent and opening a drug rehabilitation center is exactly what he wanted to do to give back. Per Wickstrom had a sudden eagerness to save lives and when he opened up his rehab centers they had great success rates so he continued to constantly improve his drug rehabilitation centers and employ only professional people who had the same mindset as him towards the drug recovery process. Per Wickstrom all around is a busy entrepreneur, since he is constantly striving to improve his centers and find even better methods for recovery for his clients. He takes a lot of time in his day to be sure that his clients’ recoveries are running smoothly and that they are having success through their recovery and if they aren’t he strives to fix their program or change up their method for recovery a bit in order for them to be successful and not get out of rehabilitation craving any drugs or alcohol; which is called a relapse.