Soccer and Youth Complement Each Other

Soccer is a sport by the people for the people. These people have made football as it stands today as one of the most popular sports all around the globe. Football is for all – men, women, young girls and boys. Age and gender is never an issue, everyone enjoys it equally. However, the effects of soccer on grown-ups and on teenagers may be different.

  • While soccer may be stress relieving, refreshing and means of spending quality time with friends and families. Jonathan Bunge a truck driver and absolute fanatic about soccer, takes all its pleasure in his spare time to release tension and simply enjoy this game.

  • For youngsters and minors, it may be a prospective future profession or an important part of life. Athletics being a key aspect of curricular activities of high schools and colleges, children get wide exposure to football as a sport. An experienced and good coach is necessary for proper training of the children.

  • An all-round development of the kids is possible with the balance of studies and outdoor activities. Parents should support their children’s idea of participating in it. Soccer and any other sport instills discipline in the young one’s life. It is the basic element, which helps and develops the athlete in right direction. The positive change in the behavior is also noticeable.

  • An athlete maintains discipline in every way – never misses any practices, lives by physical fitness regime daily, eats and sleeps properly. Above all the studies never suffer. According to some research works, the athletes while performing better on fields are equally good performers of field as well. They tend to score better in games and exams as well.

  • Isn’t this what every parents expect from their children? Discipline helps students to get rid of distractions. It improves the skill of focus, dedication and determination. The self-discipline keeps them in check.

  • Participation in football games and championships help built confidence and boosts self-esteem. The recognition from the society helps combat fears of rejection and thus lessens any chance of depression. The acceptance and appreciation of people make them work harder and live up to everybody’s expectations. This directly influences and improves the quality of performance both off and on field.

  • Discipline in the entire team is equally important. Every player learns co-ordination and cooperation and is to show respect to every other player. Their communication amongst one another builds a special bond. The friendship thus formed is life long, as they share equal passion for something common. Surviving together the experiences and moments of failure and victory brings them closer.

Football is a medium for parents to understand their kids better. They are the ones who can acknowledge the positive growth in them. The fear of getting hurt on the fields vanishes once the kids have accustomed themselves with the rules and developed their individual skills. Jonathan Bunge also motivates youngsters and minors into playing football. Since soccer teaches time management, balance between different aspects of life to focus on the overall development of the personality.