Standard Fields of Expertise that Advocates Study

Most advocates specialize in different categories of fields to be proficient in them. This way, they get the knowledge and skills necessary to represent their clients in cases effectively. Advocates of the Essex Court Chambers Duxton are well versed in several fields thus making them highly competitive and effective in client representation. Additionally, many clients from different continents like Europe contact the Singapore Group practice to get professional legal advice.

Some of the most typical fields which every advocate must be brilliant in are:

Public and administration law

ESSEX COURT CHAMBERS DUXTON -6This is one of the areas studied by most Essex Court Chamber Duxton advocate. Public law outlines the relationship between people and their government. It is further categorized into criminal law, tax law, constitutional law, and administrative law.

Regulatory law and investigation

The laws are developed to manage the rules that state agencies and federals come up with. Advocates versed with regulatory laws at state agencies to draft and implement the rules with strict obedience to the legislation.

On the other hand, advocates in private organizations closely work with their clients to help them navigate rules and regulations which can apply to their organizations.

Public International law

This law defines a set of rules which legally binds states and international organization in interactions with other countries. The broad law covers diverse areas such as human rights, global organization, and diplomatic organization.

Professional negligence

Over half of Essex Court Chamber Duxton advocates fully understand this area and are thus able to represent clients in it. Professional negligence refers to a violation of the proper working relationship between professionals and their clients.

Employers expect strict adherence to the work contract and duties. Duty of care is a universal legal principle that safeguards people from others that engage in harmful activities, especially if necessary, precautions are not taken.

Sadly, professional negligence can be very costly, especially in the medical field. If a doctor fails to adhere to all the set-out standards when handling a patient, he or she may pass on. Such an act amounts to professional negligence.

Complex crime

The area deals with multifaceted allegations like drug trafficking, terrorism or homicide. These crimes are considered very serious, which significantly affects masses. For example, terrorism leads to massive loss of lives and destruction of properties.

This field demands strong-willed and knowledgeable advocates, owing to the complexity of the crimes involved.

Banking and financial services

The field mainly focuses on commercial litigation, property litigation, regulatory concerns, and insolvency-related issues.


The field involves learning of a legal mechanism of discussion of disputes, by the parties in discord in the presence of an advocate. The advocate’s role is to control the discussion to enable the parties to reach an amicable understanding.

Parties agree to resolve the dispute out of court. Examples of conflicts that can be resolved through mediation are construction, commercial transaction, divorce, and employment. There are multiple advocates at Essex Court Chamber Duxton who are highly proficient in this field.