Steps to set up a business in Singapore

Singapore is the finest country that is well known for its best facilities in providing with the best company incorporation for PR. The flexible tax prices and the ease in government policies assure the best-guaranteed growth to the business owners.

Above view of friendly workteam working with documents at business meeting

The fact can’t be denied that establishing a company in Singapore requires a lot of pressure and stress. Thus, to get rid of all the pressure and stress, the best solution is to start online company incorporation with heysara.

Setting up a new business is undoubtedly a complex task, but with the below 3 easy steps, the task to set up the company incorporation for PR can be a little easy. Let’s explore these steps and provide you with the best idea to easily establish your new company in Singapore.

  1. Select your business entity- there are absolutely lot of healthy options for choosing to treat your company with the best future profits. Apart from the amazing options, many people often choose to register their company as “private limited companies” to assure their business with the best scalability.
  2. Set up your business- the private limited companies are governed under the Singapore companies act, and thus must follow all the rules and regulations created by the authority. While the other important factors that include are:
  • Company name- the company name plays one major role and thus it must be unique and need to be get approved by the ACRA.
  • Shareholders- companies must have a minimum one shareholder while the maximum number can go up to 50.
  • Director- the company must have at least one director for company incorporation for PR.
  • Company secretary- the company incorporation for PR requires at least one company secretary that must be a Singapore resident.
  • Paid-up capital- the company must assure with at least S$1 as their paid-up capital.
  • Registered address- company incorporation for PR requires a registered office address to pursue the final procedure.
  1. Open bank account- company incorporation for PR requires a bank account in Singapore. You can choose your favourable bank from the different varieties of local and international banks.

By following this procedure, you can assure yourself with the finest company incorporation for PR. Where the complex task of making you dream a reality can become easy with heysara,

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