Success commences with safety

Key pieces of information that are usually stored by businesses; be that customer details, translations, loyalty schemes all need to be protected. It ensures the protection of data from being misused by 3rd parties for any sort of fraud.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act, organizations are required to have one or more DPOs (Data Protection officers). These Officers are made responsible to ensure the organization’s obedience to the PDPA and safeguard the fundamentals of personal data protection

Being incorporated in Singapore required you to have a bizsafe consultantSingapore Companies are looking to have consultancy for Bizsafe certification either to keep their company’s workplace safe or to apply for project tenders. BizSAFE is a 5-step program that helps your company to grow its abilities to address workplace safety, security, and overall health. Here are the levels, to achieve bizaafe star for your company –

  • Level 1

In the most initial step, the top management of the enterprise needs to sign up for a bizsafe workshop. This workshop is for the top management or the CEOs. The bizsafe service provider includes So secure objectives to attain security requirements for your company. Once the workshop has been completed, bizsafe level 1 status is then granted to the company.

  • Level 2&3

There is a bizsafe course that is about to take place on ‘Developing a risk management implementation plan’ and for that, the enterprise is asked to nominate a Risk Management champion to attend that course. The course often includes Risk Management capabilities to manage terror incidents.

Once the course has been ended, the Risk Management champion must chart out the implementation plan of RM. Now at this stage, the enterprise is eligible to get the status of level 2. All the workplaces that are covered under the Workplace Safety and Health Act need to conduct a risk assessment for every process carried out at their workplace and for every work activity.

The workplaces which have their RM implemented will achieve level 3. This is a crucial step toward acknowledging the regulations in the WSHA and its subsidiary legislation.

To achieve bizsafe level 3, the company must engage a MOM- Approved WSH auditor to examine the execution of the RM plan to comprise phases against terror threats in the workplace.

  • Level 4 

A Workplace Safety and Health Management System program lead must be nominated by the company. This nomination is made to attend the bizsafe course to develop a workplace safety and health management system Implementation Plan. With the attained knowledge, the WSHMS program lead must be eligible to develop a WSHMS implementation plan for the company.

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After the completion of the WSHMS plan, the company may apply for Level 4 status.

BizSafe star 

To get a BizSafe star, the company must obtain SS506 certification that is issued by the certification bodies that are SAC accredited. Or it may have obtained OHSAS 18001 certification and escorted with a Valid RM audit report by MOM- Approved WSH auditor.