The Different Types of Home Care Services

Home health care services is defined as the support or care rendered by a professional nurse or care giver right in the home of the client. Basically, the care is not medical based, but rather custodian kind of care. Family members, other relatives, friends or colleagues may be regarded as the primary giver of care, which is voluntary. But home care is a different thing in a sense that home care is provided on a certain rate. Such services are provided by independent care givers or home care agencies that employ qualified staff.


The elderly people make up a huge percentage of clients who opt for home care. But not only the elderly people benefit from home care as those who have just undergone surgeries and need help in recovery may also solicit in home care. There are also individuals with special needs or disabilities that may be addressed by a help from a personal care giver.

With home based care, it is entirely possible to stay at home and relinquish the environment where clients are most at easiest. This set up is somewhat favorable and cost effective than utilizing a nursing care or other health institution. With this, the patients experience living normally and free, which makes the healing process relatively faster. Home care comes in various kinds and the services will depend on the type and degree of the required assistance.

Home care may range from basic life assistance to professional type of health services like physical/occupational therapy, wound dressing and care, medication assistance among others.

The first one is basically more about helping in the daily living activities like bathing and dressing up, grocery shopping, cooking meals and the likes. This type of in home care also involves activities like managing cash, making phone calls and doing light household chores like washing the place etc.

Essentially, home care services can be accessed 24/7, but then other aspects will be based upon your specific needs. There are care givers that you can rely on a part time basis, or by shit, hourly, as necessary or even on a live-in arrangement.

Though home care seems to be a wonderful option, there are still several things that need to weight like the cost of care. Of course, in home care is a lot cheaper than being confined in a nursing home or health care institution. However, different agencies offer distinct rates. You just have to choose which one will give you the best worth and high quality of care.

Another thing to consider is the reputation of the home care agency and the care givers. It is vital to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable agency who takes their business seriously. They should have the license to run the business. Their staffs must have undergone the required training to be able to render the necessary care services.

In home care, as a whole is a beneficial type of service. But anyone who will be hiring the services of a home care agency must be smart enough to pick a great one.