The Story Behind The Logo Of The Chicago Blackhawks!

The Chicago Blackhawks is one of the finest ice hockey teams in the world today. It was created in 1926 and since then there has been no looking back. Like all teams, this specific team too has been the recipient of The Stanley Cup in the recent past. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in the field of Ice Hockey. The Chicago Blackhawks were also one of the 6 original NHL teams and this is why it sports a glorious past.

There are several fans and ardent admirers of The Chicago Blackhawks that go the extra mile to spread awareness about the game and their love for the sport. One such ardent fan in the USA is Alexander Paler. He says that he has been an ardent fan of the team ever since he was young. He was born in Ohio and later came to Chicago Illinois. He has been here for the past 20 years. He says that he has always taken an active interest in the team and this is why he never misses an opportunity to find out more about the team and its origins.

The story of the logo of the team

Irene Castle the wife of the team’s owner Frederic McLaughlin designed the first logo of the team. The design was a crude black and white Native Head drawn in circle. This design went through many stages of changes between 1926 and 1955. It was during this period that 7 distinct versions of the logo were worn on the uniforms of the team. At the start of the 1955 to 1956 season, the circle was removed and the head looked like the present primary logo of the team.

Subtle changes

Later on the crest and the uniform later went through subtle changes till the 1964-65 tenure. The basic logo and the design of the team jersey has not changed since that year. The logo of the team received recognition when it was voted by The Hockey News Staff to be the best logo in the NHL genre.

Besides the above, The Blackhawks have also worked with The American Indian Center to educate their community and their fan base about sharing the culture and the history of Native Americans. There of course has been a lot of controversy on the logo however the team has come ahead of the criticism. Joe Podlasek who is the Executive Director of the Chicago based American India Center of Chicago pointed out that the Team is far ahead of everyone when it comes to thoughts and community engagement. He said that there are several people that want the logo of the team to change however for most fans the logo is like a grandfather. You obviously cannot change the picture of your grandfather, he says!

Alexander Paler says that The Chicago Blackhawks is one of the most respected and oldest ice hockey teams in the USA and this is why there are praises and criticisms everywhere with people with different opinions. However, the glory of the team is massive and this is why it is a leader in NHL today!