Top 4 Fears when Buying an Apartment in a New Building

New building means everything is new. New district, layout, neighbours, infrastructure, location of the bazaar, school, kindergarten, work, etc. How to deal with fears and buy a dream home?

The biggest fear is that the construction of the new residential complex will never end. Although the developer is responsible for the construction of a residential building, there is a risk of being left on the street with nothing. Let’s first define the reasons for buying a home.

Criteria to consider before buying your nest

Tired of living in a rented apartment, and planning to find a new property? Do you have a stable income that would allow you to pay a loan for a new apartment on a monthly basis and not borrow?

Key concerns before buying:

  1. I have never bought a living space, have never taken out a mortgage!

If you are not a professional investor, then the apartment may seem like a pipe dream, and to get to it, you need to go through a dark forest full of dangers. And therefore, the buyer does not understand the very process of searching, negotiations, the technology of the transaction, the vagueness of his rights, and so on. According to experts, it is better to turn to an intermediary, a relative or a person who has repeatedly justified your trust, and together to overcome all the uncertainties in acquiring a living space.

  1. What if I lose money?

In Singapore, cash is a popular way to pay for housing. The amount is not small, so pay the seller in front of witnesses, for example, a realtor. If you are planning to buy a residential complex, see review of Pasir Ris 8, look for practical layouts and finalize your deal as per your need.

  1. What if I overpay?

Real estate agent commission, relocation, search costs – all of this involves additional costs. Experts advise to calculate in advance the possible expenses, and postpone a certain amount. This can be done with a mediator or on your own.

  1. They will deceive me, slip fake documents and declare themselves to be the “owners” of housing!

Buying an apartment in a new building under a contract is not so scary. It excludes “double” sales, with the participation of second or third parties. The property is new, you have nothing to fear. If we are talking about secondary housing, use the services of a lawyer and carefully check the object.

Buying a residential condominium in Pasir Ris 8 is a convenient option for those who are looking for their dream home at affordable prices. See review of Pasir Ris 8, get information about condo launch date or meet with the developers to clear all your doubts before signing the contract. Pasir Ris location is full of recreational amenities and luxurious facilities. The walkway distance to MRT bus interchange connects the residents to central areas of the city. From reputed schools to deluxe brands, you can find everything near your home.

It is scary to buy an apartment without being prepared for this important matter. And if you enlist the help of reliable people, lawyers and sales agents (maybe), then you cannot worry.