When to enter and leave your seat during Sports Events

People entering and leaving their seats during any sports event is a usual part of the game. However, we have always been to such sports events when people abuse their right and test the good nature of the fans sitting around them by often leaving and coming back to the seats at random. These fans usually tend to forget the basic common courtesy that troubles the others sitting next to them. Likewise, many fans and viewers often become irritated. If you have even to any baseball sporting event, you can see many people asking others to sit down. Now that, you have got Wildcats Basketball Tickets 2017, its time to learn some seating etiquettes:

  • During the first quarter or half, there should not be any problems amongst the fans related to letting the fans seat and get off at any point in the ball game. If it is early game then arriving fans must not be allowed to enter the premises and stopped at the gate or elsewhere. They must not be pulled to get settles and go. That is when the fans go to their seats and drops their jacket, get ready to shout and cheer them. If you can wait for a stoppage in play to go to your seat, that is appreciated by the fans sitting around you.

  • After the first half opening period of play, fans must wait until a stoppage in play starts to enter their seats. It is rude and unfair to force the people to stand and thereby blocking the view for the fans that have been seated behind them. What so ever are the circumstances and situation for being late to the game, it is right to go to your seat and settle as quick as you can.

  • Once you have reached your seat, try to keep seated till the time there is a stoppage. Until and unless, you have an emergency, it is common courtesy to wait and not leave the seat. Another exception are those families that comes with children below the age of 12 who are uneasy and uncontrolled in crowd.

  • In case, you find someone who is not able to stand back to back again then you need to find a different way to be out of the seat. Normally, there are two different ways to get in and out of your sear and if possible, try to find a different way to be out.

  • During stoppage, do not try to complain when people leave, no matter how many times they do. Till the time they are not affecting your view of the game, stay calm and cool. Understand, stand and allow the people to enter and leave as and when they want.

  • Whenever someone wants to move, give them proper space instead of forcing them to climb over the top of your knees.

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