Get a Healthy Scalp While Undergoing Hair Replacement in Singapore

Hair loss is often considered a natural part of aging, but you don’t need to accept it without a fight! It is possible to have a youthful, luxurious head of hair even with the passing of time. Hair replacement for men is no longer considered unusual or artificial, not with the natural-looking hair replacement options available in Singapore. We have been in business for decades and are knowledgeable about innovations in scalp replacement uec

We provide several effective options for hair replacement Singapore, including:

  •         Hairpieces
  •         Hair Knits
  •         Scalp Treatment

Our hairpieces are made of 100% natural hair, and we also offer synthetic blends. We take the highest quality human hair and sterilize it at high temperatures to ensure it is free of germs or impurities. When the hair is thoroughly disinfected, it is put through a de-acidification process that neutralizes elements that may shorten the life of the hairpiece. Through state-of-the art polymer chemistry technology, we work with the fibers, natural and man-made, to make hairpieces that can outlast others and require minimal maintenance. Polymer technology involves knowledge of molecular weight of fibers and mechanical testing. We test for effective adhesion for quality and long-life for our every product.

Of course, no wig or hairpiece fits everyone. For a natural look, it is absolutely essential that we tailor make every product to suit the individual customer. Our method for hair replacement Singapore has always been to take a measurement of each customer’s scalp and create a working model. While two scalps may look the same at first glance, there are subtle variations in the shape that can make one hair piece look good on one person and unsuitable for someone else. We also carefully determine which hair type is appropriate for each of our clients.

Once we have established the right hair and scalp type, we construct the hairpiece with hand woven lace, which is the method preferred by celebrities and other high profile figures. Lace gives a more natural, flexible look than alternative woven methods that make the hair look stiff and unnatural. Our lace also provides proper ventilation to improve the life of the hairpiece and to promote scalp health.

Hair Knitting

Hair knits are ideal for hair replacement for men, and they are worn mostly by those experiencing hair loss, but they can also be a fashion statement. The secret to creating the best hair knitting is that it should match the color, texture and style of the hair it is attached to perfectly. We work closely with individual clients to match the hair knits perfectly with the rest of the hair. This works with hair extensions and those that are worn long-term or just for a night out.

Scalp Treatment

Our hairpieces and other products promote scalp health, but it is important that they are used on a scalp that is healthy to begin with. Our scalp treatments include:

  •         Root Cleanse
  •         Massage
  •         Hair Steaming
  •         Ginger Treatment

The expression to “get at the root of the problem” also applies to hair. Our treatment gets down to the base of the follicle for a maximum cleansing of impurities. The result will be healthier hair, once the root is treated to stimulate growth. Scalp massage is also essential to keep circulation healthy and can possibly promote the growth of hair, as well as making existing hair stronger. Steaming hair carries many benefits, including making curls more resilient, strengthening hair and refreshing hair strands and the scalp. In addition, the cuticles of the hair get the deep cleansing they need with a steam treatment and the retention of moisture is improved. Ginger has been prized for centuries for its restorative qualities, and our ginger shampoo treatment will give an added lift to your hair.