Jonathan Schrag on The Environmental Protection Agency & Its Responsible Role In The World

Many people have heard about The Environmental Protection Agency however, they are not sure on what it really does to help the world. If you have seen in the last decades, the issues of global warming and climate change have created havoc in most nations in the world. This is why it is crucial for countries in the world to have an environmental protection agency to create rules and regulations for businesses and organizations to follow. The sole onus of the EPA is to protect the globe and all its citizens. This is an initiative that has been taken by the Government of USA in the past.

An expert speaks

Jonathan Schrag is the Founding Partner of Hudson Strategic Energy Advisors and he says that the EPA has many roles and responsibilities when it comes to protecting the environment. He says that the EPA is controlled by the Federal Government of the USA and is has been approved by the Congress Party in the country. It is headed by an administrator that the President of the USA appoints. The sole motive of the EPA is to protect the environment of the world and people living in it. In the wake of climate change and global warming people in the USA and the rest of the world will receive the assurance that there is a body that is concerned about the welfare of the planet and making an earnest endeavor to protect it, he says. The Government of the USA is the first to get involved and show the world how much it cares for the planet and the people living on it.

What are the prime functions of the EPA?

Now, you may be curious to know what the EPA does? The Agency maintains and enforces the national standards that it lays down when it comes to the protection of the laws that pertain to the environment. The EPA is under the Federal Government however it has no power over the local or the state government. However, when there are laws that need to be implemented by the EPA, both the local and the state governments are consulted. The EPA does not issue any kind of directions to the local or the state governments when the above laws need to be implemented. The laws help the residents follow them when it comes to the protection of the environment. The laws that are laid down have the sole purpose to educate people so that they become aware of the ways and means via which they can contribute to the environment. In case, the local or the state governments do not follow the rules, the risks of harming the environment increases multi-fold.

Jonathan Schrag clears the point that the rules of the EPA does not apply to the health or the well-being of human beings. The Agency does participate in several pollution awareness and conservation of energy programs to educate people on the harmful effects of global warming and climate change so that they can play an instrumental role in their prevention and reduction, he says.