Versatile 4G Boxes For Powerful Packaging

Transportation of various goods across the globe requires supreme security. If the transportation necessitates the movement of hazardous products, the criticality increases aggressively. 4G boxes are deployed for packing and shipping harmful materials with appropriate certification. You might have variety of perilous products to be transported to long distances. The mode of shipping might be through road or rail or by air. Irrespective of the distance to be covered and the cost of transport, the safety measures need to be intact. If you want dangerous products to be dispatched without any hitch, this method of packing is highly recommended. The whole process of packaging system follows stringent rules according to the instruction manual.

‘UN 4G’ denotes hazardous goods packaging code adopted by competent authority. The outer package is christened with a specific number that portrays United Nation’s packing approval. The complete procedure will be on par with international standards of material transportation. The inner package scenario must be inline with the recommendations of tested 4g containers’ inner dimensions. The boxes used for packing are highly durable and can withstand all sorts of external hindrances. The basic requirement of such boxes lies in the amount of closeness with respect to packaging instructions. The boxes of varying dimensions should imbibe precise packaging specifications as observed during the testing phase.

It is mandatory to understand that 4G boxes do not approve any transportation of illegal and dangerous goods. You should be wary of the laws and rules pertaining to the legal certification technicalities. The inner packaging may contain glasses, bottles or any plastic components of high risk nature. The certification by UN endorses the whole package as ‘suitable combination’ for transportation. The performance test of all relevant inner packages ensures foolproof security.

 Benefits of using this service:

  • The Company offers affordable charges for packaging services. The reasonable billing procedure with uncompromised quality enhances the reputation of the company. The relentless service offered by the staff members exceeds the expectation of fickle customers.
  • As the customers’ request varies from time to time, the company provides the best service according to the need. Certain special requests are taken immediately for further processing.
  • The 4G boxes used for packaging are highly protective and flexible in nature. The eco-friendly products are used and henceforth the recycling capability is ensured.
  • The grievances of the customers are addressed effectively by a team of well qualified trainers. The effective product delivery and service capabilities are the hallmark of the company.
  • Customary procedure such as drop test, stack test and vibration test are performed with utmost care.
  • Monumental inventory system with comprehensive packaging services and incredible product compliance management are the trademark qualities of the company.

The final capability of the whole system depends solely on the firm authorities, who have certified the whole package as secured one. The quantity of materials placed as inner package and their approved packing group (I, II or III) will be readily available for the checking authorities during evaluation. Moreover, the company under whom the certification was done and UN authentication mark will be displayed visibly for prospective clarifications.