Bennett J Kireker And His Knowledge About Different Types Of Wine Glasses

As indicated by various researchers, wine is a drink, which relates to sophistication and must be consumed by the refined people for taste and aura that it gives. It comes in many varieties and thus must be consumed in the right kind of glass failing, which one could lack the much talked about sophistication that it offers.

Different types of wines

Wine could be of different types. To name a few, the list goes as below:

  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Dessert Wine
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Miscellaneous

Each wine is characterized by the special features because of which it is famous among the wine lovers. Each type of wine looks good when poured in the right kind of glass without a saying. Thus the regulars hold a great knowledge not only about the different types of wine but the glasses that must hold the same.

Bennett J Kireker is a name in himself when one talks about wine. He has a wine club running under him wherein the members or the regulars meet at short intervals generally a quarter. At such meetings, these members discuss about the various types of wines, their prices and much more. The people involved in this club have same interests and love to talk only about the wine. Thus, wine is the hot topic of such meetings in these clubs and nothing else holds any significance among the members.

Red Wine Glasses and their Specialties

Red wine glasses and bowl shape complement each other as they add to the flavor of the same and are widely used. This glass must be filled in only one-third and not more in any case because of the large size it has. If one goes by the rules of serving and drinking the wine, then the type of glass for the red wine depends on how strong the flavor is. This means if the red wine is towards the higher side stronger, then the top of the glass containing the red wine should be less pointed and conical in shape. This rule must be followed as and when possible as it increases the taste of the red wine being served and conveys a lot about the knowledge of the person serving the same.

White Wine Glasses and their Specialties

This glass too is bowl shaped but the shape of the bowl is towards the U shape in this case and more so it is standing in shape as if erect on two legs like us, the human beings. The reason behind the U-shaped bowl is that white wine does not need to be exposed to the environment like the red wine; hence the shape is like that. Thus, the same should be filled two-thirds and not more than that when serving to someone. It is more than the required quantity to release the different smells and flavors it holds.

Bennett J Kireker speaks a lot on wines as this is his passion along with various other fields like basketball, golf, skiing and at times staying indoors and reading books.